Monday, November 18, 2013

Outfit Today #29

Cloudy day at Quayside Isle
wearing my new houndstooth jacket from JRunway.

Jacket / ジャケット : Attitude (Japanese Brand)

 Top / トップ : Mango

Pants / ロングパンツ : Calvin Klein

Bag / バッグ : (Taiwan)

Shoes / シューズ : (Taiwan)

Sunglasses / サングラス : H&M

It has been a while since I did a little shopping at JRunway.
And this fluffy houndstooth jacket I pulled out is so comfy!
I go to bed hugging it in my sleep.. Haha kidding

And you guys know I love colour blocking.
So I threw in a little mustard yellow and blue into the ensemble.

I just about wore these pair of shoes a billion times.. Lol

This weekend I had time to unwind a little.
I love this going to this place. Quayside Isle at Sentosa.
It makes be feel like I'm in New Zealand or something..

And I'm still in school, working on a final year project till graduation.
So I'm at the last lap of my marathon guys!
Wish me luck!

Have a good week ahead loves!