Friday, November 1, 2013

Eyelash Extensions at Graceous

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Hi ladies,
this week I went back to Graceous Salon
to get my Eyelashes retouched.

It was my third time getting my eyelashes done,
and this time Nao-san (owner) recommended me to have a little fun by
adding coloured lashes on the outer edges!

Sounds bizarre and tacky but,
it actually turned out subtle and kinda cool~

The salon had different colours, but I went for a purple-brown lashes.
(Hence the purple flower prop and make-up in my photos lol)

And for those who are new to Eyelash Extensions
let me ask you..

Which girl does not want long, fuller looking lashes??
Aren't you tired of putting on mascara??

I really must say the answer to that is
☆ Eyelash Extensions ☆

Sadly, most Asians aren't born with long curled lashes like Caucasians.
(Except Malays and Indians, their not fair.. Hahaha)
And so instead of having to apply Mascara every time you go out
I really recommend getting Eyelash Extensions!

They last for approximately 3 weeks and they look natural.
It's almost like having your mascara look on 24-7!!

To get your Eyelash Extensions,
I highly recommend this salon I go to

Bloggers like Yina Goh, Tricia of Vaingloriousyou are loyal customers of this salon!

Eyelash Extensions might sound scary,
but in professional and experienced hands it's really painless and safe.
And this salon has my two thumbs-up!!
Nao-san has skills. Period.
You are safe in her hands.

Graceous is run by a Japanese couple,
and they are pretty cost friendly I must say.

Even in Eyelash Extensions there are styles and choices you can make.

If you like what I have,
mine is the "C-curl Gorgeous" lashes!

Graceous is located at:
9 Mohamed Sultan Road
#03-02 (Attic level)
Singapore 238959

You can make your appointment:

Online here

 or Call

And follow their instagram account

Have a lovely weekend guys 


  1. It looks amazing! Its magic like how you said on instagram :D You look good yuki!

  2. How much did yrs cost?

    1. They cost about $130 for both eyes!

  3. They look so lovely! Did u put mascara on ur lower lashes? May I ask which brand of mascara u are using in this make up? Tks!

  4. AmmmaZZZZing Blog
    thank you for posting.
    Good luck :)