Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wear COLOUR This Summer - Outfit Today #24

Hi guys!
Late night post yo..

Here's my outfit shots from yesterday!


Top / トップ : H&M

Pants / ロングパンツ : (online)

Bag / バッグ : YSL

Shoes / シューズ : Topshop

Necklace / アクセサリー : Lovisa

If your read my blog or follow me on instagram,
you might know that I am on a
thing now..

So here's my dash of colour to my
usual monotone 
An off white oversized knitted top matched with
a fitting turquoise green pants!

What do you think?!

And I love love love this top I got at H&M 
It's actually grey with a cream white knit pattern over it!

And check out my only YSL bag ↓↓ Haha
Bought it second hand from a friend at a good price! 

And this is still one of my favourite necklaces!
You guys should totally check out Lovisa

That's all guys!

Now I need to bend my back and brace myself for
a super hectic week ahead!
School + Work + J Diary + Blogging
Not easy =.=
But I'm a survivor!!



  1. Elle Bit Bit ChanJuly 19, 2013

    Your shoes! *_*

  2. AnonymousJuly 20, 2013

    What skincare product do you use? Your skin is always so flawless! Thank you :D