Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Colourful Summer ☆


Blogging at midnight..
I'm writting this post with sleepy eyes so
please forgive me if I make spelling mistakes (which I often tend to)

As you might know I am on a
and so I've been adding dozes of bright colours
to my usual monotone outfits.

And I must say,

Bright and neon colours have been trending for
quite a while now even in Japan!

Here's some outfit of the day shots I shared
on my blog or instagram ^o^

私のカラフルな私服コーディネート ↓↓

Some people say I look like Ena Matsumoto..
I do not think so at all but still very flattered!! Haha

wearing colours can be done in many different styles.
But I am particularly fond of
Colour Blocking Style

Colour blocking style as you may tell from its name,
is simply adding colours to your look in chunks and blocks.

So for an example, as you can see in this photo below,
this lady added a one tone blue in her look!

More examples for you~

Love her style of layering  ↓↓

This girl spotted in Harajuki Japan layered pink on pink! Very daring!
They are around the same tone but just different texture.. Clever!!

Japan's model/tvpersonality/sweetheart, Rola-chan
shows a very nice flair for colour blocking as well!
But clearly she's a lover of blue and bright yellow ^w^

Mina Nagamine, the designer of one of my favourite brand
also goes for this style this spring summer!
But her favourite colours seems to be blue and red~

I know I'm kinda slow but..
I think I've got a thing for Neon Yellow now!!!!! Hahaha

When it first started to trend I was like..
"Why would anyone wear such a bombastic and hipster colour???"

That's all~

Good night peeps!

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  1. Ur so pretty :)

  2. Really trying to get into colours but it's so hard to let go of my blacks & whites.

    The Fashann Monster