Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shibuya Girls Runway Stage Report

先週、Clark Quay で
「Shibuya Girls Runway」
のファッションショーに行ってきました ☆

 中学からの友達、チェリーちゃんと ↑↑
 Last week, I attended the
Shibuya Girls Runway fashion show
at Clark Quay!!
Brought to you by Onward Singapore.
Shibuya Girls Runway is a collaborative fashion show
by 3 Japanese brands:
Rose Bullet, Dip Drops and Love Boat

 When my friends and I finally settled into our seats,
a tall TALL pink woman came walking out...
オカマだと気づいた!!  笑
Starred at her for a while & realized she/he was a drag queen O.o
Am I supposed to refer to a drag queen as a she or he?? LOL
She had like pink unicorn-ish hair & rainbow coloured fluffs on her dress.. Haha
But we found out later,
that she is the emcee of the event!!
なんとその人はイベントの司会者だった ^_^''
My friend Charice and I taking a few picture before
the show starts~

Catalogues & vouchers from the Onward ↓↓
The fashion show is starting!! o(>~<)o
Start by watching this video of the highlights of the show~~~!!!

Put together by my awesome sista, Acey Cakey ☆☆
(Contact me if you would like to acquire her for work)

Some snap shots ↓↓

(Pictures by Street 1000 by ヤクシ)
My favourite was the line by "Love Boat"

After that we went to the after party at club Cassis~
クラブ Cassis で二次会 ↓↓

Me with Sae-san (left), and Keiko-san (right)
Sae-san is a part time model, and if I heard her correctly
she use to work for Mark Styler in Japan OAO
I was like woooaaahhhh~~ So cool!!

Fun night out with my girlfriends (^o^)/
Coz we work together as well,
so it was a good night to chill out ♥♥
Runway shots by Kunihiro Yakushi,
Noriaki Tsuchiya

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  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    I love your skirt! Can I ask where you got them? :>