Friday, March 29, 2013

Introducing Reika Yoshida & Ungrid

 Another fashion pure post!
Today I'll be introducing to you a new but popular brand called,
Ungrid is a western inspired brand, with a Japanese mix fashion spin to it.
And the genius behind this unique brand,
the young and beautiful producer
Reika Yoshida ↓↓

And the story to her success it really like a fairytale o(>~<)o
If I am not wrong Reika Yoshida started of as a fashion blogger..
And just 2 years ago she joined a fashion competition hosted by JJ Magazine
called the "Osha-P" audition!
"Osha" is short for the Japanese word "Oshare" which means "Stylish" in English
and "P" stands for "Producer"..
So if you get the idea from that,
this competition is basically a national search to find a talented individual
who has the quality and a unique concept for a new brand!
And the prize of course,
is contract to debut her very own fashion label!!
And yes,
Reika Yoshida was crowned the winner among thousands!
In the competition,
first the contestants were narrowed down t a few hundreds
then the final three.. ↓↓

The finals were held at Kobe Collection fashion show!
What a cinderella story right??
Thanks to this she literally became successful overnight!!
Well of course I'm sure she worked hard for it ^w^
And that's how she launched her very own brand, Ungrid~

Her very first collection!! ↓↓

Isn't t it nice??
I have more photoshoot & collection images for you~

At Touch Me Collection, 2012 Autumn Winter

Its like beautiful layers of brown o(>~<)o
And gosh,
Reika Yoshida has SUCH GREAT STYLE.
Here are some snapshots I grabbed from her blog~

This is not my kinda fashion,
but I certainly do appreciate it
And I must say Ungrid has the most consistent
and strongest style I have ever seen!
Thumbs up to Reika Yoshida (^o^)b
I have alot respect for her!
Click here to go to Ungrid official website
Click here to go to Reika Yoshida's blog
Pictures from,
Video from Fashion TV


  1. Thanks for this post! I've heard of this brand but never knew there was a story behind it. From the pictures, I definitely have to agree that Reika has a very strong style and gives off a cool feeling. Anyways, going to follow her now. Thanks!! :D

  2. I love Ungrid! Not the kind of clothes I would wear daily but they have some super cool pieces :D
    Do they still have their shop at Shibuya's 109 ? They had it last summer I think!

    1. Yeah I know they use to have a store at Shibuya 109 but not anymore~
      You can find out their other outlet's on their website!