Saturday, February 2, 2013

CNY Give Away!

 That's right guys~
My first ever
And this is a big one..
All of these where hand picked by me straight from Shibuya 109 Japan!!!!
And so some of them can only be found and bought in Japan!! o(>~<)o
Not one or two,
but a total of 4 items!!!!
  All to be given to only
lucky winner ^o^
And the first item is..
「Diamond Lash」
(Natural Girly Eye)
Diamond Lash is not available everywhere in Singapore!
And if I'm not wrong,
not at all sold in stores at all!!
The false lashes I use are these Diamond Lash as well ^w^
I like these series because they are more natural~
The next item in the package is a pretty leopard printed
「Make-up Brush Set」
From Shibuya 109!!!
The third item is something very useful I believe..
「Nude Coloured Eyelid Tape」
These will make your eyelid tapes look even more invisible ^o^
And for this last item, I didn't actually buy it..
It came free with a magazine I bought but I kept it NEW and UNUSED
so I decided to throw it in the package ^w^
「Liz Lisa Mirror」
Don't forget,
there can only be ONE winner
And only that winner of this give away will get everything!!
this giveaway is not confined to those who are staying in Singapore..
 It is open it ANYONE from ANY country!!!
Wherever you are in the world,
I will ship these prizes to you on my cost!!
 All you have to do:
Step 1

Follow my blog with your blogger account
Click here to follow 

However if you don't have a blogger account,
follow me via email, bloglovin' or instagram!
(But don't forget to mention which of these you have followed me in your comment)
Step 2
Leave a comment under this post indicating your interest in this give away,
as well as your email address
(So that I can contact your when you win)
And that is all!
Just 2 simple steps ^o^
The winner will be randomly chosen at
I will give special attention to those who have shared this post's URL on their facebook or blog
And if you did, do email me a screen shot of it at
 And this give away is open until 14 Feb!
But hurry!!
Come grab these from meeeee ↓↓
Good luck (^w^)/
Yukie (TMA)


  1. I want!!!!!

  2. Im Interested I don't have a blog but I followed you on Instagram under My_ChinaDoll!!! Great fun ...(

  3. I attempted to subscribe to your blog hope I did it right :\

  4. so awesome! im already following you on instagram ^-^ heheh

  5. I have already followed you on instagram! my username is kolkolkeo (:

  6. I'm actually a new follower! I accidentally came upon this blog when I was looking up Yuria Kushido. XD

    I followed you on blogger. :)

  7. This is so exciting! We can't get any of the things that you're giving away where I live! The last time I went to Japan, I didn't pick up anything beauty related!

  8. I'm highly interested in your giveaway! i follow your blog via bloglovin and with my blogger account.

  9. It's a great give away! I'm so excited! I follow your blog via my blogger account.

  10. Yay this is so awesome :) followed you on instagram, I am @blacksheeep
    My email is

  11. Hi Yukie,

    I am interested in your giveaway. I've shared your post and followed you via email. My google user is Celestialrainafall.

    My email address is

  12. I want ~~~ very excited !! OMG those make up brush set !!! ! xD

  13. Hello!
    Those items are very cute!I especially love the Liza Lisa mirror. :)
    I follow your blog on bloglovin',my username on there is jsmne. :D

  14. These items are nice!
    I don't participate but I wish good luck to all participants! ^-^
    Yukie, your cushions Mickey shaped pastries are wonderful! *__*

  15. Luella

    OMG! They are just so cute!!!
    I'm so excited!haha

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  17. I'm already a follow you through blogger.I will share it on my Facebook and blogger but I really love ur blog and this my first time entering ur giveaway.:D
    I forgot to add my email lol

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  19. Hi!!! I was already following your blog! I love it! You always post about awesome brands! I love it. And this giveaway is just awesome! ^w^
    My email is ^w^
    I forgot to say that I'm also gonna share it on my blog ^^''

  20. Thank you so much for this giveaway, I am so interested hehe :) I'm following you through the name Hae-in! :) Thanks!

  21. Omg those items are so cute! Already followed you on instagram darj33lingw1nx and followed your blog too fuyubani! Cute giveaway (PS: youre so lucky to be ableto go to Japan!!)

  22. I'm really interested in those doll lashes! They look very natural, just as you said! I'm new to make-up and false eyelashes, so hopefully if I win this will be a great starter kit for me! Btw. I love your Instagram! ♥

    1. Oh. I forgot to put my email:

      Also, please check out my blog too!

  23. Woooo I hope i still make it in time!!! I desperately need new brushes and natural fake eyelashes! Dolly wink is overrated and overpriced! Look at those diamond lash!

    I followed by gfc @babalisme :) hello from Indonesia!

    Email: babalisme at yahoo dot com

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