Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kinugawa Onsen Trip

Hi guys~
More pictures of my trip to Japan last year dec ^o^
Today's post is on
my onsen trip to Nikko!!
First we hopped on board a bullet train from Asakusa Station in Tokyo,
then off to Nikko (^o^)/
My sister and family friend, Nagisa-chan!!
I know I'm really slow,
but I am super addicted to Japan's Royal Milk Tea!! >.<
We got off at Kinugawa Station~
And man,
it was a country side so,
NO WIFI........... OAO
(Cause the hotel didn't have any)

And here's me being super random..
Doing the 'Ena Matsumoto' face.. HAHA
Does she not pose like this with her mouth half open??
Walked for a while and finally reached the onsen house ↓↓
Our room ^w^
Beautiful room with a beautiful view~

Before we went to soak ourselves in the onsen,
(p.s it means hot spring for those who didn't know.. lol)
we decided to go out for a walk~

Lamp post hugger.. Lol

After walking in the cold,
time to warm up in the onsen!!
Me with no make up, haha..

And this is what we had for dinner..

Next day,
time to head back to Tokyo TT__TT
It was only a two day one night trip so..
Posing with the freaky but cute statues at the station~
That's all,
have a nice day~
Thanks for reading!


  1. The landscape is beautiful, and natural lighting in the room!!!! ♥

  2. Hahah! The last 2 fotos are cute!