Thursday, October 18, 2012

Model Corner: Ai Tominaga

Hey hey!!
A new segment guys~ ^o^
"Model Corner"
Where I will update and introduce to popular Japanese models in the business!
And to start off, introducing supermodel
Ai Tominaga

Watch this video first!! ↓↓  
A brief introduction of Ai Tominaga and her career ^w^

Ai Tominaga is an international super model who has won many many awards!
Her household name has landed her tons of modeling jobs in Japan
and across the world of high fashion!!

Runway shots of Ai Tominaga..

Ai Tominaga in Keita Maruyama
(famous Japanese designer)

More editorial spreads!

In Vogue Japan!
One of my favourites~

Photography by Miles Aldridge

Okay, this one I HAVE TO SHARE!!
This spread is by far my absolute favourite o(>~<)o
Ai Tominaga featured in Vogue Italia
September 2010

Aren't these pictures just mesmerizing??
And gosh..
I love her face O.O

That's all!
Hope you liked it \(^o^)/
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