Thursday, September 6, 2012

Special Guest ♥ Shanice Fruitilicious Nails Photoshoot

Yes, finally I have uploaded this photoshoot!!
I'm so sorry to keep you waiting >.<
Promised it would have been up months ago.. Lol

Anyway, this round's photoshoot was modeled by one of my dearest friend, Shanice ^w^
And this shoot was actually an addition from my design school assignment~
Supposed to create an ad for a line of fruit scented nail polish ♥
And her nail colours were photoshopped in.. Haha
So the above few shots were for my school assignment!!
And now for the bonus shots of my model~

フォトグラフィー ゆきえ
デザイン ゆきえ
モデル シャニス
Isn't she pretty?
For this shoot I harped on creating a girly and nostalgic mood ^w^
Hope that worked out~


  1. She's so pretty! And you are so talented ^-^ Good job!

  2. I love this shoot! My favourite so far ^-^

  3. i just saw this!!!!! its wonderful ^-^